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Deep Sleep for Renewal


Not the quantity. . . but the quality that counts!


In today’s living-working environment the majority of our time is spent with our energy concentrated in our upper body

PCs, portable music and mobiles phones are dangerously over stimulating the delicate systems of the upper body – head - brain - eyes – ears . . .

add to this medications and stimulants taken to sustain optimum effective performance - caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, sugar and sleeping pills - and we have a veritable cocktail that is reaching epidemic proportions

people are losing the ability to achieve something so essential, so natural and rejuvenating as quality deep sleep.


Sleep is the ultimate anti-ageing programme – the body ages biologically fast when deprived of quality sleep as the immune system, activate even in REM sleep, has no recuperation time.

Quality sleep is the ‘down-time’ when the body gets to work on cell renewal, nutrient distribution - even synapse repair in the brain.

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