Health though Dance

'Tanz Senioren & Seniorinnen', Konzert Theater Bern,

photo: Nathalie Jufer

Our sedentary and virtual lifestyle has imploded into an insidious epidemic – limiting the necessity for movement, effort and contact thus diminishing our natural reflexes, spatial perception, brain-body reaction time - disturbing circadian rhythms and provoking all manner of imbalances and dis-ease in the subtle, interconnected systems and rhythms of the organism – the immune, respiratory, cardiovascular, metabolic, bacterial, endocrine, histaminergic and neurological systems all communicate in a glorious rhythmic choreography.

Dance is quite literally in our DNA.

Dance is innate to all young children.

Dance provokes joy in participants.

Dance reboots the intra-system choreography,

Igniting life-enhancing rhythm in young and old alike.

Dance promotes a global health cohesion.

The Dance & Creative Wellness Foundation