Attention & Focus in Dance

If you could access an inner ‘switch’, a simple ‘on-off’ action that produced a small shift of attention unlocking your power, your stamina, heightening your sensory perception, freeing brain capacity and unleashing your dancing potential, wouldn’t you grasp the opportunity to experience it?

Are you at a plateau in your dance training and teaching, not progressing, feeling blocked, exhausted?

I invite you to explore a potent, systematic approach to the ‘inner’ work of dance bringing attention to the skills of attention, focus and optimal self-cueing that enhances physical and artistic performance, replenishes energy, increases stamina taking you to the next level.

In the last decades human movement science and sports science have made enormous advances in understanding the role of mind and focus to enhance physical performance. These findings begin to infiltrate elite sports training – giving the edge to elite performers and their performance. 

What’s more, excitingly this recent body of Attentional Focus research concurs with ancient Eastern movement practices such as T’ai Chi, Chi Kung, Kung Fu that adopting a specific attentional focus - what human-movement science terms an ‘external’ focus, on the movement-effect1 has an immediate impact on performance results, on power, precision, balance, consistency, fluidity, artistry and speed of learning and mastery. 

1Wulf G. Attentional focus and motor learning: A review of 15 years. Intl Rev of Sport & Exerc Psyc. 2013; 6:77-104.

Photo: Aku Siukosaari, Finnish National Ballet


Optimal Focus - from research to dance practice