'attentional focus' in ballet training Gabriele Wulf Phd & Clare Guss-West MA

Practical application of 'attentional focus' research to ballet training TAMED conference, Frankfurt 2018




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Mark Verstegen, President & Founder EXOS, Phoenix, Arizona - coaching Bayern Munich Football Team.

G. Wulf & M. Verstegen. Personal communication, October 24, 2011






Research on the effects of 'attentional focus' has consistently demonstrated that motor performance and learning are enhanced by

an ‘external’ focus (i.e., on the movement effect)

relative to


an internal’ focus (i.e., on body movements)



Wulf, G. (2013). Attentional focus and motor learning: A review of 15 years. International Review of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 6, 77-104.

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